Performer, Producer

Theone is a recording and performing artist from Santa Monica, CA. She has opened for artists including Vance Joy, Jesse McCartney, The AJR Brothers, Billy Bob Thornton, Dale Watson, and Junior Brown. She is also an entertainment producer, overseeing 4 different musical acts including Heartbreak USA, Material Girl, Hello Roses, and her own solo show. Theone is also a member of the LA based sister band, The Nesting Dolls. Why do one thing we can do many things?

"Theone's music takes it back to the reason we listen to music. Pure love and passion come through the speakers in this exciting new artist's first record."

-Garrett Dutton, G Love and Special Sauce

The White Russian. Pour in some blues-rock, halve it with that old school twang, and with a splash of Russian-folk, you get the perfect mix for your Americana pleasures. Theone is an Americana, country, and folk n’ roll artist from Santa Monica, CA, currently located in Flagstaff, AZ where she is attending Northern Arizona University. Her first album, Empty Feelings, released in June 2016, features the award-winning single, “Empty Feelings”, and a mix of old-school country, blues-rock, and Americana tunes. In April 2015, Theone opened for Vance Joy (“Riptide”, “Fire and the Flood”), previously on the 1989 Tour with Taylor Swift. On May 3, 2016, she shared the stage with Dale Watson (“I Lie When I Drink”, “A Day at a Time”) and on June 9, 2016 with Junior Brown ("Highway Patrol") at the world-famous Museum Club in Flagstaff. She’s a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, drums, Celtic harp, balalaika, trombone, piano, bass, and accordion. Her voice has repeatedly been compared to Chrissie HyndeJewel, and Tom Petty. Her Russian folk background, thanks to her father, Igor Khramov of Limpopo, is a strong influence on her musical style.


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